Smart & Green

on stage


A forward thinking event for startups, companies and investors

Smart&Green on stage is an international business event that brings together innovative startups and strategic investors for a full day of high-level networking in Berlin.

During the event, we will share insights on climate change, green innovation and economic trends.

Bring startups and investors together

The event is a great opportunity for startups to grow, consolidate and find new business opportunities. Investors can gain insights into relevant trends happening in eco-innovation, be exposed to promising investment opportunities and create strategic partnerships.


Successful startups must be equipped with the latest interdisciplinary information on climate change, economic trends and sustainability


Empower international products, projects and services happening now in the field of sustainable economy and eco-innovation


We support cooperation and are always looking for new startups and innovative companies dedicated to sustainability

Join us in bringing together startups, investors, and a global community to talk about current and future trends in eco-innovation and the green economy.

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Smart & Green on stage 2019

As we are defining the calendar of events for 2019, we are looking for interesting startups, investors and sponsors with regard to the topic of sustainability.

If you are interested in innovation, get in touch with us! Our main event “Smart & Green on stage” will take place in September in Berlin.


Startups will have a supportive (friendly, comfortable) space to present innovative ideas to investors and network with fellow startups and partners.


Investors will gain access to impactful investment opportunities, attain key knowledge on current trends and be exposed to innovative products and services.

  • Contacts with investors and institutions
  • Analysis and useful information
  • Creation of partnerships and synergies
  • Find new potential customers

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