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Focusing on their own product or service, some economic players miss the new big picture and forget the importance of connecting the dots in the dynamic world of innovation.

We feel the need of an international event that explores the relationship between innovation and sustainability, and ask the world of smart green where do we stand, where are we going and at what speed.

Climate change is bringing us to a new paradigm.
Will regionalisation or globalisation play a more important role in the economic world?

Let us see how the new energy production systems and the new ways of sustainable mobility will be integrated in our near future.

Analyses are followed by opportunities to meet and do business, between start-ups and investors.

Please write us if you would like to participate in our international event ‘Smart&Green on stage – economic trends, innovation and sustainability’ in Berlin on October 17-18, 2018, as a sponsor, start-up or investor.

Do not hesitate to share your expectations with us.

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